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1.5x17 m Rotary Dryer Loading Site to Argentina

Case Materials Materials:Coal Slime
Case Capacity Capacity:500 T / D
Case EquipmentMaterials Equipment:Clean heat source device, feeder, drum dryer, dust remover, power distribution cabinet, etc., the entire production line is configured, and the division of labor in transportation, drying, and dust removal is clear.

Henan Hongke heavy industry specializes in the production of dryer equipment. The figure below shows the loading site of 1.5x17m dryer sent to Argentina, which is being loaded and ready to be delivered. If you want to know more about the actual situation and information of dryer, you can contact us online or conduct field investigation!

1.5x17 m Dryer Loading Site to Argentina

The dryer is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring. The dryer is a cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal direction. The materials are added from the higher end, and the high-temperature hot flue gas flows into the cylinder body together with the material. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the lower end due to gravity. In order to increase the drying rate and promote the material to move forward, a plate is installed on the inner wall of the cylinder to pick up and sprinkle the materials, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow. The dried product is collected from the lower part of the bottom end.

1.5x17 m Dryer Loading Site to Argentina

1.5x17 m Dryer Loading Site to Argentina

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